The Netherlands will be hosting the Nuclear Security Summit on 24 and 25 March 2014. In this section of the website you can read what will happen in The Hague.

Results of the NSS

We are working to prevent nuclear terrorism by:

  1. Reducing the amount of dangerous nuclear material in the world
  2. Improving the security of all nuclear material and radioactive sources
  3. Improving international cooperation


  • Delegations will be expected to arrive on Sunday and Monday, 23 and 24 March in The Netherlands
  • The Summit starts on Monday, March 24 at 13.30. Delegations will be received by Dutch prime minister Rutte at the World Forum. After the official opening, the plenary meeting will start.
  • In the evening,  there will be a reception by HM the King at the Royal Palace with working dinner
  • Tuesday, March 25, the plenary meeting will continue at 9.00. Also, there will be bilateral meetings
  • After the official picture of the heads of delegation and the closing session, the NSS 2014 ends with a press conference in the media center.
  • Most delegations will leave on Tuesday and Wednesday 25 and 26 March.


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Background NSS

In 2009 President Obama delivered a speech in Prague in which he called nuclear terrorism one of the greatest threats to international security. With that in mind, Mr Obama hosted the first Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in Washington DC in 2010, in order to draw attention, at the highest possible level, to the need to secure nuclear material and thus prevent nuclear terrorism.

NSS 2010

Forty-seven countries and three international organisations participated in the first Nuclear Security Summit, held in Washington in 2010 at the initiative of President Obama. The aim of the summit was to improve worldwide nuclear security by enhancing cooperation and to make concrete agreements aimed at better securing nuclear materials and facilities.

NSS 2012

Following the summit in Washington in 2010 six new countries (Azerbaijan, Denmark, Gabon, Hungary, Lithuania and Romania) and one new international organisation (Interpol) were invited by South Korea to join the NSS.

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Participating Countries

Fifty-three countries, four international organisations, 58 world leaders, thousands of delegates and journalists. In every respect the Nuclear Security Summit 2014 (NSS) is a world summit, aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe.

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Reference documents

Under the NSS process, countries work to improve their nuclear security on the basis of the Washington Work Plan, which contains numerous measures and action points. In Seoul a number of additional action points were formulated and set down in the Seoul Communiqué.